Foamie Shower Sponge - Aloe You Very Much

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FOAMIE Aloe You Very Much Shower Sponge - with integrated cream foam heart cleanser. Wash, scrub, nourish, and massage with this Vegan soapy sponge. The 2 in 1 shower essential with a skin-neutral pH value gently cleanses the skin without attacking the natural protective layer.

The patented Foamie shower sponge uses 1/3 less plastic than conventional shower gels and are free of sulfates, soap, silicone & lilial. Dermatologically tested, they are suitable for every skin type.

  • Vegan, 0% sulfates, soap, silicone & lilial
  • Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types
  • Massages and easy to use thanks to ergonomic design
  • Skin-optimized pH does not attack the natural protective layer of the skin
  • Patented shower sponge & Made in Europe

It’s time to think outside the bottle and discover the conscious impact of our foaming shower sponges. Foamie helps you to save a third of your plastic usage (vs a regular shower gel bottle) in your daily showering routine, in a quick and fun way! Each sponge features approximately 30 washes. For every skin type


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