Profusion Magnetix Magnet Stand With Eyeshadow Brush

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$17.99 CAD


Profusion Magnetix Magnetic Plate Stand with Eyeshadow Brush

The perfect combo to kick off your own Magnetix collection, our Display Stand and Eyeshadow Brush are the ideal starter set for the budding MUA. Name a better duo, we'll wait!

Place pigments on your peepers with absolute precision using our eyeshadow brush - and place all your Magnetix brushes on the sleek Display Stand.

Place the Magnetix Display Stand on any flat surface, with the Profusion logo upward-facing - the rubber pads on the underside of the plate will keep it in place.

*All Magnetix magnetic brushes have unique magnetic handles to let you store your brushes on their stand or in their frame, keeping them accessible, secure and hygienic.


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